I believe in real moments and seeking beautiful light. In the kinds of images that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments together. I believe in images that are itching to be printed, placed in beautiful frames and hung on walls for years to come. 

Adventurous at heart, this born and raised California girl moved across the country in the name of love. Married for 15 years to my Southern gentleman, and mom to two young babes. Enjoying all things about life in the South, yet still clinging to a piece of home, I landed on naming my business ‘Lost Coast Photography’. Growing up where the Redwood trees meet the Pacific ocean, and hundreds of miles north of what most consider Northern California, tucked away - this is the ‘Lost Coast’ region. This coastline and my roots there, will always have my heart. Like my personal life, my love for photography has brought me everywhere from the beaches of California to the blue waters of Belize. From the coast of Normandy to the Mountains of Scotland and beyond. But regardless of where I travel, the magnolias of Mississippi and hospitality of Tupelo are now my home. 

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